Team - Board of Directors

Bibiana Pulido, Cofondatrice et directrice générale

Bibiana Pulido

Cofounder and Executive Director

Bibiana is Cofounder and Executive Director of the Quebec Interuniversity Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Network (RIQEDI), a non-profit organization that brings together Quebec universities and several university stakeholders who have the mandate or desire to promote and integrate the values of equity, diversity and inclusion within their institutions. Researcher and manager with more than ten years of experience in the field of human resources management. Her areas of expertise are related to the analysis of innovative, creative and academic industries, equity, diversity and inclusion management, conflict management, workplace well-being and knowledge management within companies and clusters. She is also a consultant for her company Creativity-Innovation-Diversity-Inclusion (CIDI) and has worked on various projects in the video game industry, the artificial intelligence ecosystem and academia. Doctoral candidate in industrial relations (specializing in human resources) and recognized for her dedication to teaching, student supervision, university research and community engagement. 

Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors* for RIQEDI is made up of :

  • Amélie Proulx, Regional Coordinator at Portail connaissances pour les femmes en entrepreneuriat (UdeM)
  • Laurie Laplanche, Assistant Director at Institut ÉDI2 (Équité, Diversité, Inclusion, Intersectionnalité)
  • Christina Constantinidis, Professor in the Department of Management and Technology at UQAM
  • Sophie Brière, Professor at the Department of Management of ULaval, holder of the Leadership and Teaching Chair – Women and Organizations and Director of Institut ÉDI2

*Since its creation, RIQEDI has continually relied on the implication of different people.